The Talon provides students with an opportunity to research and write informative articles related to Nation Ford High School or topics students find interesting. The paper’s objective is to notify the school community of the news in a timely and informative manner and to entertain them through articles and columns.

The staff encourages letters to the editor. Nation Ford High School students, staff members, and the public can express their opinions and reactions to the articles in The Talon.

Letters should be signed and should not exceed 150 words. Letters submitted may be published in the paper at the discretion of The Talon staff and will be edited for accuracy, length, and grammar, as well as offensive or inappropriate content.

The staff may permanently keep all unpublished letters for reference or guidance for future writing. All submissions should be submitted to Mrs. Swann, room D111, or via email to

Please keep in mind that opinions voiced in the articles and personal columns are not those of Nation Ford High School newspaper staff or Nation Ford High School’s administration, faculty, or staff; opinions are solely those of the author who submitted the article.