SC Ignores COVID-19: Discarded A/B hybrid schedule forces students back to school every day causing increase in quarantines and absences

Shields up. Masks on. Students have diligently followed safety precautions on the hybrid schedule, but very limited social distancing is now what Nation Ford students must cope with after coming back to classes five days a week. Nation Ford clearly is not ready for five days a week as they have 12 times the quarantines

Consent Should Be Taught In Schools (Staff Opinion)

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Networks every nine minutes an American child is sexually abused. Consent is extremely important to teach students before they have sex for the first time. Abstinence-based sex ed is the curriculum for South Carolina, and as a result, 36% of high schoolers in South Carolina have already

The Talk: Dangers Of Driving In America – Police brutality: Black families are forced to talk to their children about what has been killing African Americans by Destiny Drafton

The Talk some families have to have. The Talk everyone needs to have. By the age of 15, most black teens and their families have to have “the talk” about driving in America.  I remember my mom sitting me and my siblings down when I was 13 after another shooting. We were told that one

School Must Listen To Students For Solutions by Rian Donahue

Oftentimes when schools have issues, they tend to overlook their greatest resource–a resource packed with untapped creativity, problem-solving skills, and perspectives. What if that resource was right in front of them the whole time? What if that resource was the largest population in the school–the students?  On April 26, The Talon staff surveyed students on

Glamorization Of Mental Illness Has To Stop by Amaris Arroyave

When the media decides to portray mental illness, they are often praised. Reducing the stigma and representing people with mental illness is a great thing. However, when the media glamorizes or romanticizes mental illness as something it is not, it becomes poorly represented. There is nothing “trendy” or “cool” about glamorizing those who live with

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