Students who are part of The Talon Newspaper staff have earned numerous individual awards at the state (SCSPA) and regional (SIPA) levels. In addition to earning individual awards for their work, The Talon has earned awards as a whole as well. 


2023 SIPA

Best of Show at SIPA, 3rd place

Newsprint Team On-Site Production competition

Best Story & Overall – Carly Jacobson, Addie Rae Allen, Lilah Skovran & Rachel Studer


Editorial column, 3rd place – Rian Donahue

Staff editorial, 3rd place – Rachel Studer


Centerspread, 3rd place – Georgia Cox

Entertainment page, 3rd place – Lilah Skovran  

Feature page, 1st place Lilah Skovran

Front page, 2nd place – Carly Jacobson

Headline Package, 2nd place – Addie Rae Allen

Headline Package, 3rd place – Georgia Cox

News Page, 3rd place – Rachel Studer

Op/Ed page, 1st place – Rachel Studer

Op/Ed page, 2nd place – Rachel Studer

Sports page, 3rd place – Justin Baxter

2023 SCSPA Spring


Bylined Editorial, 2nd place  Mackenize Creasman

Column, 2nd place  Emily Cacciatore 

Feature, 2nd place  Sara Pipa

News, 2nd place  Kalli Desai

News Feature, 1st place  Connor Ford

Review, 2nd place  Amaris Arroyave

Sports, 1st place  Connor Fowler, Liam Quinn, Connor Ford

Staff Editorial, 1st place  Rian Donahue


Centerspread, 1st place Addie Rae Allen

Front Page Design, 2nd place Sara Pipa

Infographic, 1st place Rian Donahue

News Feature Photo, 2nd place Sabrina Randolph

Single Page Design, 2nd place Connor Ford

Sports Action Photo, 2nd place Sara Pipa

Sports Feature Photo, 1st place Sara Pipa

2022 SCSPA Fall


Bylined editorial, 1st place – Rian Donahue

Column, 2nd place – Sara Pipa

Feature, 2nd place – Ty Gordon

News, 1st place – Rachel Studer

Sports, 2nd place – Justin Baxter

Staff editorial, 1st place – Rachel Studer


Centerspread, 1st place Sara Pipa

Editorial Cartoon, 1st place Lilah Skovran

Environmental , 1st place – Rian Donahue

Environmental Portrait, 1st place Carly Jacobson

Front Page Design, 2nd place Carly Jacobson

Infographic, 1st place Rian Donahue

News Feature, 1st place Lilah Skovran

Single Page Design, 1st place Rachel Studer


2022 SIPA

Best of Show at SIPA, 3rd place


Sports story, 2nd place – Kaiden Bridges 


Feature page, honorable mention – Sara Pipa

Front page, honorable mention – Mine Karatas  

Op/Ed page, award of merit Kaiden Bridges

2022 SCSPA Spring

Best Newsprint

All State


Bylined editorial, 1st place – Kaiden Bridges Maddie Thompson

Column, 2nd place – Maddie Thompson

Feature, 3rd place – Kaleigh Hefferman & Rachel Studer

News, 1st place – Rachel Studer

News feature,  2nd place – Addie Rae Allen

Review,  2nd place – Adalie Buckle


Environmental portrait, 1st place – Aiden Witkopf

News feature photo, 3rd place – Addie Rae Allen  

Sports feature photo, 2nd place Addie Rae Allen

Advertising, 1st place – Zane Teubner

Centerspread, 2nd place Mine Karatas

Editorial cartoon, 3rd place Adalie Buckle

Front page design, 2nd place – Addie Rae Allen

Infographics, 1st place – Addie Rae Allen

Single-page design, 1st place Addie Rae Allen