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By Justin Baxter

On the sidelines with her clipboard, coach Tory Tysdal leads the new Nation Ford High School boy’s volleyball team.

 Last year was Tysdal’s first year at NFHS as a science teacher and girls’ volleyball coach; before that, she taught and coached in Savannah, GA. When she was not teaching she coached at A5 (club volleyball) in Roswell for four years. 

Tysdal has always had a passion for coaching boy’s volleyball.

“I have been very interested in coaching boys volleyball,” Tysdal said, “but it hasn’t been offered at any school I have taught at. I was very excited to hear that we had enough interest here at NFHS to start a program, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

One of the main reasons why Tysdal stepped up to the plate to coach the boy’s volleyball team was so that they could be guided in the right direction.

 “I thought it was very important that there be a coach that knows the sport,” Tysdal says, “and I knew if we didn’t have that, it could fizzle out just after one season.”

 With the experience of playing and coaching, Tysdal hopes to help the boys learn the rules and rise to greatness shortly by playing varsity sports.

 “I think with my experience playing and coaching, I cannot only coach the sport but also be able to be a good teammate and athlete in general,” Tysdal said. “A lot of these boys haven’t played a varsity level sport and are learning how to do that while also learning the rules and skills of the game.” 

“Coach [Robyn] Stockunas and I have seen immense improvement every single practice and game,” Tysdal said. “Those improvements have been so great and something we take note of every day, but a win just really made it all feel worth it for the boys.”

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