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Staff Editorial

Spirit Week is something Falcons look forward to. All grades come together, dress up, and share their love for Nation Ford. But everyone can’t always participate in this heartwarming experience.


According to the 2022 SC Report Cards for schools, the Poverty Rate Index for Nation Ford High school is 25.6%. This means one in four students live in households that struggle to pay for extras’ that their kids may want. Therefore, some students may not be able to afford to buy spiritwear or costumes to participate in Spirit Week at school. This is an issue that might be easily overlooked, but Spirit Week isn’s supposed to be a status symbol. 


The administration is aware of the problem. “I know it can seem like an add on, but I think it’s actually so essential to build student spirit and to build the culture of our school,” Principal Chris Chandler says. He has asked Student Council members to consider planning themed days that don’t cost a lot. Nation Ford is always open to helping students out if they ask, he says. Chandler is open to having something like the prom closet for our students if they need spirit wear items. 


“You don’t necessarily have to dress up to participate in Spirit week,” Student Council sponsor Thomas Quinlan says. That’s true, yet if everyone else is dressing out, students may feel out of place if not wearing the right outfit with props, especially if it’s due to financia. l rea phipate in Spirit Week pep rallies. 


Nation Ford is a place where everyone should feel included. The school should start providing spirit wear for students who need it, whether through donations or a fund for students who want to participate, but can’t. 

“I don’t think anyone takes the initiative to do [donate spirit wear for students in need]–or maybe just has not thought about it,” assistant administrator Neely Potts said. 


Spirit week is essential to the culture and family atmosphere at Nation Ford. The traditon brings the best out of the school community. Nation Ford needs to work together as a school to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be included in Spirit Week. -AS

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