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By Charlotte Overman

Children are taught from a young age that sharing personal information online is dangerous. Saturn allows students to share their private information with the assumption that only their classmates can see the information they put on the app.

Saturn is a social media app made in 2018 that has been rising in popularity this school year. Students can chat with others, view their current class schedule, and share their schedules. It is easy to use, to upload a schedule students can take a photo of their classes and easily add it to the app.

The issue with Saturn arises when people other than your friends and peers create accounts mimicking a student; a person who now knows exactly where you are in the school at any given moment. 

Saturn is not affiliated with schools, meaning that Saturn is not protected or monitored by any school resources. 

“Saturn is the only calendar that supports the complexities of the high school day, even the most chaotic block schedules.” The company “Saturn” claims.

 There are many resources available to students that help them manage their time and schedules that don’t put your personal information online for others to see. For example,  Google calendars can show students their schedule, and it is simple to use. 

Saturn allows students’ schedules to be out in the open. Anyone with an account linked to your school can see where you are at any time. This is a safety concern for students because of the lack of privacy Saturn provides. 

I would give Saturn 1 star, it is unsafe for students, but if the information that is provided by students was better protected, it would be a great resource to manage students’ time. Though Saturn is a great way to know what classes your friends have, there are not enough safety precautions in place.

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