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By Carly Jacobson

Though most students may not realize it, Bonnie Kleffman and Susan Brackett are top-tier resources for Nation Ford students. They provide career exploration opportunities and help students achieve their unique goals from the guidance offices.  

Kleffman loves her job as a career development facilitator and caters exclusively to NFHS students. 

“I get to help kids figure out what they’d like to be after they [graduate and] leave the building,” Kleffman said. 

She introduces herself and works with HS101 students during their career exploration unit, and she also uses her expertise in classes, group sessions, and individual meetings. She helps students decide whether to enroll in college, enlist in the military, or get employment. Kleffman also runs many special events at school, such as the summer job fair, York Tech application days, and college application days.

Once students become interested in a specific field, they contact Brackett. They express their “sincere curiosity” to her, and she works hard to set up informational interviews, job shadows, and even work-based learning opportunities. 

Students looking to enter a trade can also find valuable apprenticeships in an industry. Sometimes, Brackett works behind the scenes to help teachers get internships for Digital Art and Design 4, Autotech 4, Sports Medicine 3, and Health Science 4.

Junior Sri Swaminatha had an exciting architecture internship this summer. When he saw Brackett after his summer internship, he told her, “So, I’ve been to the moon, Mrs. Brackett. What’s next?” 

Senior Paityn Tumblin has worked with both Kleffman and Brackett. She approached Brackett for an internship in the field of law and realized that wouldn’t fit her schedule, but that didn’t stop Tumblin. She then worked with Kleffman to create her resume and cover letter. 

This summer, Brackett set up a visit for Tumblin at the courthouse and an opportunity to shadow York County Senior Solicitor Jenny Desch. “The opportunities I have had from Mrs. Brackett and Mrs. Kleffman have helped me decide I want to work for the state, possibly in domestic violence cases,” Tumblin said.

Students who are confident in their plans lost about what they want to be, or somewhere in between can all find help and a path to success with this duo.  High school doesn’t last forever, so students must set themselves up for success after their time as a falcon.


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