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By John Frick

The minute you step foot in Ilios, the new Greek restaurant located in Baxter Village, you are immediately immersed in Greek culture. The smells of distinct spices take over the room, and the sounds of cultural music fill your ears. You have to get in line quickly with the booming popularity of this newly-opened restaurant. 

Upon entering Ilios, we were kindly greeted by a staff member who then waited patiently for us to figure out our order. Finally, we ordered a traditional pita sandwich with chicken souvla ($11.75), a side of Greek-style fries ($4.75), Greek rotisserie half chicken ($14.95), as well as another side of fries, bringing the  total to $36.20. While these prices may seem high, we noticed the portion sizes were quite large–making the expense understandable. 

The rotisserie chicken had a delicious lemon sauce on top, and the Greek-styled fries also contained a lemon tang that was very notable within the taste, along with a mellow taste of shredded cheese that was sprinkled on top, bringing together the perfect combination of flavor.

Adequate seating inside the restaurant includes tables scattered around and a quaint bar that overlooks the main street of Baxter Village. The ambiance was unmatched, and the table tops were all nicely cleaned, ready for customers to come and take a seat to enjoy their meals. 

The flavors incorporated into each dish were more than enjoyable, from tangy tzatziki sauce to crispy seasoned french fries, it was all delicious–despite our generally finicky appetites.

Overall, we were very impressed with every aspect of Ilios restaurant–the food, the service, the cleanliness, and the environment were all impeccable. 

We would recommend anyone try this spot at least once, don’t knock it until you try it.


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