You’re not alone

by Emily Cacciatore

In an age of social media, it’s very hard to love how you look. From Instagram to TikTok to many more online platforms, most of the bodies portrayed are “perfect” not “too skinny” not “too fat.” In reality, everybody is in the body they are supposed to be in. Not everything is about what activities you do or what you eat. Almost everything about how you look is genetics.

This world would be insanely boring if we all looked the same, and someday there will be someone–a friend, a stranger, or a partner– that will love everything you hate about yourself. The bump on your nose that you push down in the mirror hoping it will disappear will be someone’s favorite part of you. The stretch marks on your body will be treasured like gold. You’re not the only one who picks apart the way you look–everyone else is too busy being insecure about themselves. Just know you’re not alone.

According to NYMetroParents, “During this last year of pandemic living, body image issues have exploded, and from 2020-2021, there was a 41-percent increase in people seeking help for eating disorders. Plus, COVID led to more time on social media, which only adds to the problem.”

When you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t pinch and poke at your skin. Hold yourself lovingly, look at yourself up and down, and pick out what you do like, if you find things you do like the rest will follow.

Individualism also helps you love yourself more if you can try to change something. Change your hair, clothing style, or get a piercing. Another way to help with loving how you look is associating yourself with the right people, not people who constantly critique how other people look. that judgment can reflect on how you view yourself. Hang out with people who love themselves enough to pull other people down for how they look. Try to improve your confidence in other areas of your life. Find a hobby that you are good at or focus on a class that you do well in. Every morning try doing positive affirmations, not just about your appearance but your overall being.

My last piece of advice is if you get a compliment, take it. People aren’t just saying them to trick you, you deserve it so say thank you and hold it close to your heart, put it in your pocket, and pull it out when you need a reminder of how amazing you are.


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