by Lillieann Rabon

In Amanda Lovelace’s confessional book of poetry “To Make Monsters Out Of Girls” she explores the memories of a past relationship. She opens about things readers fear to reveal themselves and in the process finds self-healing, and readers may as well.

Amanda Lovelace is the author of many bestselling poetry books including her “You Are Your Own Fairy Tale” trilogy, but also her bestselling “Women Are Some Kind Of Magic.”

“What happens when the man of your dreams turns out to be a nightmare with sharp teeth and claws?” she says when describing her book.

In the first part of “Things that h(a)unt duology” she not only brings light but imagery to her memories as well. Readers learn that it’s not the fault of the victim in an abusive relationship. I can definitely agree when she says, “…there’s no such thing as deserving abuse” and “…darling, you are worthy.”

This book is perfect if you are the type of person that enjoys reading angsty poems; you will enjoy this dark book of verse.

Readers should be aware that this poetry book mentions self-harm,sexual-assault, depression, anxiety, abuse, blood, and gore. She uses some strong language and comes with a “trigger warning.” But of course, the dark subject matter doesn’t mean that poems are not beautiful. They truly are, and if you have been through a lot, like myself, then you have a specific taste for it.

She expresses not only a lot of angst but personal growth, such as becoming yourself after a damaging and or toxic relationship.

This book comes in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle. The digital listing price for this book is only $9.99, while the kindle price is $8.49.

“To Make Monsters Out Of Girls” is an unforgettable book.