Lit mag sweeps the South

by Addie Rae Allen

Nation Ford High School’s literary magazine was named Best in the South at the annual Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) Conference in Columbia, SC March 6-8.

Both The Talon newspaper and Voices literary magazine earned All-Southern ratings, and students won 12 individual awards for writing, art, photography and design. Additionally, Voices lit mag won Best in Show, and The Talon won third in the Best in Show in the newspaper category.

The conference was the first time in two years that both staff were in attendance due to COVID-19.
SIPA hosts a variety of student media groups, including broadcast, newsprint, yearbook, and literary magazine.

“Voices has given me so many opportunities and a way to interact with the school to share dirverse voices that aren’t heard in a traditional academic setting,” Voices editor-in-chief Jordan Jeffreys said. Jeffreys won individual awards for writing and layout design.

The Talon editor-in-chief Minè Karatas won an individual award for her cover design as well.
“Journalism has helped me develop many skills in design and writing,” Karatas said. “It has also helped me get leadership skills as editor-in-chief.”

Journalism and Creative Writing teacher Beth Swann advises both publications.

“Student journalism and student voices are crucially important because they have unique insight into their own lives,” Swann said. “I’m proud of how hard my students work in both classes to carefully choose their topics, their words, and sometimes to speak for those who have no voice.”


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