It’s not just a pencil: Ergonomic Blackwing 602 offers artistic perfection

It’s not just a pencil: Ergonomic Blackwing 602 offers artistic perfection

by Renan Yilmaz

Mechanical, calligraphic, wooden. While some of these pointed pencils are more common than others, there are many specialty pencils within the pencil verse. One such pencil is the Blackwing 602; this wooden pencil features a lightweight, custom design that allows the user to fully take the limited concept of the pencil to its truest height.

At a cost of $27 for 12 pencils, when I first purchased the Blackwing 602 pencil, I thought it was simply a novelty item.

The odd, rectangular eraser and slightly longer-than-normal length made the pencil stand out within my packet of pencils. When I first got my hands on it, the sheer weightlessness of the pencil was disorienting.
Compared to my normal standards of a mechanical pencil, it was very lightweight when I first held it. The wood itself that encased the semi-hard graphite of the pencil was fairly soft and smooth, allowing it to be sharpened without an issue.

Seeing this oddly-shaped pencil made me ponder. Surely, this pencil couldn’t be better than what I already have. Surely, I would be better off putting this work of art in a glass case.

Too soon did I doubt this pencil. I soon realized how I willingly compromised one of my sacred codes of science, the scientific method, which is a horrible sin that has always led to trouble in the history books.
I then decided to pack the pencil into my backpack and give it a chance.

Just a week into the fray…

In the first week, I grew accustomed to the weight of the pencil. The low weight of the construction allowed me to effortlessly glide the lead throughout scores of notebook paper without even the slightest fatigue.

The ease of sharpening also allowed the pencil to shed the spent parts of itself, slowly becoming powerful in its lack of weight. Its strength was extreme, giving me a competitive advantage when it came to shaving time off infinitely-long multiple choice tests.

With pensive thought, I ultimately intiated a second trial of the pencil for another week.
In the time I have spent learning the ways of the Blackwing 602 pencil, I have learned to detach the eraser for more ergonomic handling and lower weight.

With one hand I created, and the other, I erased.

The pencil slowly became consumed with mythical abilities, giving me the ability to perfect my handwriting, which was once an eyesore to read. The pencil assisted with many of the tasks that I had once found tedious and difficult with my archaic mechanical pencil; drawing constructions in my Geometry class was as smooth as butter once I used the powerful Blackwing 602.

Once I became accustomed to it, the pencil allowed me to improve the size of my letters, offering a perfect letter-size range from the smallest of microbes to the largest letters found on posters. The precise tip of the sharpened pencil held up for a good while, guaranteeing me promised precision of letter placement for hours on end. The sharp tip also improves the visibility of what I create, saving time needed for fixing critical mistakes in my letter-building within milliseconds.

Eventually, even the mistakes themselves became few and far in between while using the pencil. In just two short weeks, I have managed to accomplish many achievements while using the Blackwing 602.
Ultimately, all good things must come to an end.

On a fraught morning at the crack of dawn, the last inch of the Blackwing finally came undone. All the time and effort constructing the perfect pencil was whittled down in just two short weeks.
While the body of the pencil may be gone, the heart and soul of the story that the pencil created still lives on in my hands.

Overall, I rate the experience of the Blackwing 602 pencil with a rating of 4 out of 5. While the pencil was majestic, the eraser holder snapped easily after I realized that it, unlike the pencil, was not made for speed.

Also, the pencils were quite expensive. My pockets were not too happy.
Nevertheless, I will be ordering another. A pack of 12, even. I hope you do too as well. The real question is, can you handle the power of the Blackwing 602?


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