Blue Bar sets the bar for bbq

by Ayden Hash

Good BBQ is hard to find. From home cooking to chain restaurants, it’s all done differently.

The big thing that sticks out with BBQ places is the price. Among the competitors, Blue Bar and Smokehouse sticks out to me (you can find Blue Bar at 1500 Fort Mill Pkwy #11). They have vast options from brisket burgers and nachos to smoked wings. They also have family and party platters for bigger groups. Their cheapest option is a family meal that feeds 4-6 people and costs. They also have a more expensive option that feeds 30-40 people for $395.

Depending on if you get take-out or decide to dine in, I’ve found the quality of the food to be great. When dining in, you’re greeted by a very open environment as well as a glimpse into the room where the meat is smoked. I went with my family, and we ordered “The Cabinet,” their $55 family plater. It comes with one pound of brisket, one pound of pork, two pints of sides, and your choice of buns or toast. For the two sides, we chose their cornbread casserole and baked beans. Along with that, my family ordered a side of fried pickles.

It wasn’t very busy at all, so the food came out quickly. It was all enjoyable. The brisket was smoked and had a great charred outside, and the pulled pork was amazing. The baked beans were different, they included different types of beans as well as brisket burnt ends, definitely adding to the flavor. The cornbread casserole was amazing, it wasn’t too sweet and it also had pieces of corn in it. The fried pickles were not heavily breaded and the sauce that went with it had a bit of a kick.

They serve five signature sauces at the table. They have a classic BBQ sauce, a Smoky Chipotle, Firebox Red Hot, Honey Peach, and a house mustard sauce. Whether it’s spicy or sweet there’s something for everyone.

Is it worth the price? I think it is, although, only if you’re going with your family or friends because the prices for individual meals are somewhat expensive.

But overall it’s good food. They have a great atmosphere they play classic rock and similar music that fits the vibe of the restaurant, as well as have a lot of seating that can fit everyone, and there’s enough seating for everyone. It’s worth checking it out with a group of friends or with your family.


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