Mrs. Neff New Teacher

Student Madeline Neff graduates the College of Charleston in 2021 with a  B.S. in Secondary Education and a B.A. in English.

Shania N. Marshall


After being a former student at Nation Ford Ford High, six years later Madeleine Neff returns as an English teacher.

 In her high school days, she participated in plays directed by the theater teacher

Mrs.. Cheri Addison.

 “What made me want to teach English is my love for theatre and reading, and I figured I could combine the two.” Neff said. 

She was inspired to come back to NationFord.“It is one of the best schools in the state,” she said.  “I was lucky to even get this job because this is my first year teaching, and I have my bachelors degree instead of my masters.”

 Neff graduated from the College of Charleston in 2021 with a B.S. in Secondary Education and a B.A in English.  In her free time she enjoys reading when she can, spending time with her family, playing the piano, and working on shows with Ms.Addison.Her favorite place to visit is Cincinnati, Ohio where her family is from.They are big and loud but all very loving and close.”

She has 3 siblings along with one sister-in-law. 

JHer love for Shakespeare is so deep that she named her dog Beatrice after her favorite Shakespearean character. 

Being that this is her first year teaching, her goal for this year is to inspire kids to read more, “English is not everyone’s favorite subject,and I know that. It was not one of mine in high school, but I want people to at least have fun comprehending it, fun learning it, and fun associating it with their life,” she said.

Even if she were to win the lottery, she would still find a way to work with kids & inspire them to read more, she said. 

For her becoming a teacher isn’t about the pay, but more about getting kids to learn in fun ways that will grab their attention.


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