Mrs. Munoz New Teacher

With her husband, Grant, and two dogs, Selena Munoz poses for engagement photos.

Lilah Skovran


Special Settings teacher Selena Munoz is new to the faculty at Nation Ford High School, and says she is very happy and blessed to be in the family atmosphere.

Originally from Texas, Munoz moved to Fort Mill for her fiance’s job. She enjoys spending time with her fiance and dogs. She also enjoys coaching her volleyball team.

Near the end of her college years, Munoz didn’t really have an idea of what she wanted to do. She got a job at a high school, looking for opportunities. She worked with special needs students

“I was in a classroom helping these kids, and then that’s when I realized that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

Munoz says that she has the best family because of how supportive they were through her childhood. She is the oldest — she has a  brother and sister and is very close with her grandparents.

Munoz played sports from age 4 to playing volleyball for a junior college. Growing up, she was always very competitive, and says that she got it from her parents.

“I love my volleyball team, and I love my students. Go Falcons!”


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