Mrs. Lucci New Teacher

Teacher Maria Lucci taking family photo with Nicholas Skrobot and Cristóbal Skrobot Lucci   

Connor Ford


Maria Lucci, New Spanish Teacher at Nation Ford High School joins the staff to help student’s reach their full potential.

Prior to her teaching career Lucci was an accountant. She decided to move to teaching because,

“I feel with the amount of information and knowledge I could be a service to the community and help people understand literature and diversity of cultures,”Lucci said.

Lucci was originally born in Argentina before moving to the U.S. After living in California for nine years her family decided to move to South Carolina where they have lived since.

In her free time she likes to do yoga, practice karate, and watch films in French and spanish. Lucci also loves to travel and speaks French,Spanish,and English.

“High school students are bombarded with work and I feel I should be able to help them,” Lucci said.

Lucci feels like she belongs and the Spanish team and the students have welcomed her with open arms. 


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