Mrs. Lopez New Teacher

After school hours on September 3rd in English teacher Megan Jensen’s room, Lopez and Jensen took pictures for their open house presentations and videos. 


Josie Alsbrooks

September 7th, 2021

Mrs. Maria Lopez Torres is an elective ESL and co- English II teacher here at Nation Ford High. She is helping non native speakers learn English. 

             Lopez is a Disney lover and she loves watching all of the different Disney shows and movies. She is a fan of the Panthers, Yankees, and the Charlotte Hornets. She loves going to Carowinds with her family and she loves to go out to the movies. Spending quality time with her family is a must and they love to go out to dinner. One of their go-to places is Chili’s. 

              Lopez has been teaching for 20 years and she had heard nothing but amazing things about Nation Ford, so she decided to transfer here. 

             She was motivated by her family to become a teacher. Her mom and mother in law  were school social workers, her dad taught Industrial Arts (electives at the time), and  her sister in law is a teacher. She has been around a lot of people that work in schools and she found her interest in teaching in the people she loves. 

              Some of her favorite things to do in her free time are singing and drawing. “I love to sing, and I think I can sing, but I don’t do it in front of people.” said Lopez. 

               She has a family of five, her 17 year old daughter Ailani, her 10 year old son Zander, her husband Jorge, and her 14 year old shih tzu Super. Family time is the most important thing to them, and they love to spend time with each other. 

              She connects a lot with her ESL students because she went through a lot of the same stuff. She moved from Puerto Rico to New York at a very young age. 

              Something she thinks people might want to know is that she loves Diet Coke. 

              She has two older brothers. Her oldest brother moved from New York to Charlotte and Lopez and her family came to visit and they fell in love with the area so Lopez went from teaching in Puerto Rico to teaching in Charlotte, and now she’s here at Nafo.


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