Mrs. Edwards New Administrator

Isabelle Fetting


Nation Ford High School gains a new administrator, Mrs. Kathleen Edwards, and she has been here before.

Edwards was a PE teacher and a basketball coach when she originally worked here, and now she returns as an administrator. “When there was an opportunity to further my leadership from being a teacher and a coach to being an assistant principal, I had to jump on it,” said Edwards.

As an administrator, Edwards is in charge of testing, ELL (English Language Learners), the science department, the history department, and credit recovery. Her favorite part of being an administrator is being helpful. “I really do feel like it is the best job you can have, to feel valued, and to feel like you are making a difference,” Edwards said.

Growing up, she was involved in many different activities. She played three sports in high school and accelerated at soccer. However, she chose to pursue basketball in college because she felt that she would learn the most. It was difficult for her to give up sports as they were involved in her life from such a young age, and coaching was a way to incorporate them into her career.

  During her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, hiking, and doing activities outdoors. Edwards and her wife have a plan to camp across the country, visiting every state. 

She recently had an addition to her family, a baby boy. She says that even though the quarantine, she had a little blessing in disguise, the time she spent with her son.


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