Mrs. Dunlop New Guidance Counselor

Saige Dunlop, a Nation Ford guidance counselor scuba diving in the Blue Grotto (a freshwater spring in Jupiter, Florida) during one of her many wreck dives in July 2020

Mackenzie Creasman


Guidance counselor Saige Dunlop joined Nation Ford faculty this year. She came here from Winthrop to stay in the Fort Mill area and live near her parents who live in Indian Land.

 In her free time, Dunlop likes to indulge in photography and scuba diving. 

Dunlop says she loves it at Nafo. She feels it’s a very positive and diverse environment with fun to work with students. Dunlop always knew she liked being in schools and likes that she can work one on one with students to help achieve their goals. 

She was born in Maine and when she was little her dream job was to be an fbi agent. She’s fascinated with criminology and the way serial killers’ minds work. She has a six year old dog named Ace. She’s a very family oriented person and her parents live in indian land. Dunlop cheered in highschool, played softball, track and field. And winthrop for her bachelors and masters. Dunlop would like you to know “my door is always open. I’m very welcoming and I just love to work with people.”


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