Mrs Biggs New Teacher

Lizzie Ferretti 


English teacher Nora Biggs joined Nation Ford faculty this year with a passion for connecting with her students through reading and writing. 

Formerly a teacher at Fort Mill High School, Biggs moved from St. Louis, Mo. to Fort Mill with her family three years ago.

She likes to spend her free time with her husband, her two daughters (13,11), and her two dogs Kevin and Oscar. Biggs enjoys reading and hopes to achieve her goal of reading 50 books by the end of the year; so far she has read 44. She also enjoys jigsaw puzzles.  

Growing up, Biggs played softball early on, and basketball through her middle school and high school years. She is the middle child of five, with two older sisters and two younger brothers. 

Students in Action and Voices for Diversity are some of the many clubs that Biggs participates in. 

“I am very passionate about people being able to be heard and knowing that their voice is valued,” she says. 

She graduated from Truman State Universityhoping to become a nurse. Biggs was always invested in human resources and being a help to others. When she went back to college she attended Webster and got her master’s in English. 

Biggs was never sure of what she wanted to be — when she was younger she played teacher like most kids but never decided to become a teacher until she was out of college. 

Biggs decided to join the Nation Ford family because her daughters will be going to this school, and she wants to be more involved here. She never wanted to become a teacher for the money, it was always about the purpose.

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