Mr. Brown New Teacher

At family day at Carowinds, Fundamentals of Computing teacher and football coach Russell Brown enjoys the park. 

Justin Baxter 

Fundamentals of Computing teacher Russell Brown came to Nation Ford this year with a passion for working with young people and helping them.

“The average person walking around would not think I’m approachable but I’m the most approachable person,” Brown said.

Brown came from Lancaster High School to Fort Mill because he wanted to be closer to home and was great friends with Coach Mike Allen.  Brown wanted to be involved in the football program.

He saw that NAFO had a business position open, so he applied. When he has free time, he likes to take vacations when he can. 

He enjoys more than football outside of the classroom.

“Some students wouldn’t think I play golf,” said Brown.

Brown went to Coastal Carolina and is a big Cowboys and Braves fan.

Brown says he is glad to be at NAFO and is looking forward to what this year brings.


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