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 Assistant Principal Pam Pittman with Petelo Tuipulotu on May 13, 2021. 
Photo by Carly Jacobson

“There she was — this beautiful, athletic girl who walked down the halls like she owned them.” She still does, but next year, Assistant Principal Pam Pittman will be enjoying retirement. After 13 years, Nation Ford is saying goodbye.

Mrs. Pittman was raised in Fort Mill and attended Fort Mill High School. She played volleyball, basketball, and clarinet during her time there. These activities inspired her to become a P.E. teacher at her alma mater. 

Mrs. Pittman and her husband went on to get their master’s degrees together. They both got offers to be assistant principals at Fort Mill High School, but were hesitant about leaving the students, the smiles, and memories of being a teacher. 

“I wasn’t ready to not be around the kids anymore because that’s my favorite part,” Mrs. Pittman said. 

However, she realized that as an assistant principal, she would still be able to work with kids, so she accepted the assistant principal position. She transferred in 2007 when Nation Ford was built and has been here ever since.

Mrs. Pittman’s favorite memory at Nation Ford was two years after the school opened. 

During a pep rally, she was talking to the students from the middle of the gym and told them, “I went to high school at Fort Mill and worked at Fort Mill, but I’m now a Falcon!” 

The whole crowd erupted around her, and she said it was amazing. Mrs. Pittman felt so loved and special at that moment, and she will never forget it.

“Mrs. Pittman is definitely a go-to person if you are going through something,” Yaya Austin (‘22) said. Students know her as a tough administrator but also know she will be there no matter what.

Administrative assistant and long-time friend Dana Gibson has known Pam Pittman since the two were in school together at Fort Mill High.

“Although I will miss Mrs. Pitman’s presence and friendship, without a doubt, she deserves this next season of her life,” Gibson said. 

“She has put in countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears for this school district, students, and community.”  

In closing, Mrs. Pittman wanted to share a parting statement: “I’ll miss my people, I’ll miss y’all, I’ll miss my teachers, my support staff, and the interactions I have every day.”

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