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By Alyssa Martin

After a great seven years of having Jason Johns as the principal of Nation Ford High School, he is leaving the nest. On April 19, Mr. Johns was chosen to be the superintendent of the school system of Anderson County. 

He has accomplished many things while being here at Nation Ford such as making our school one of the best performing schools in South Carolina and getting named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

With many accomplishments and the thriving he has done, he will do great things at Anderson County, but many are sad to see him leave.

“I am sad that Mr. Johns is leaving because I do not get to finish my four years with him, he has been nothing but a wonderful principal and I will miss him,” says Mine Karatas (‘22)

Along with many students being upset about this drastic change, Mr. Johns is also downhearted to be leaving Nation Ford, 

“I am very sad to be leaving, I am certain that I will look back and think about my best years being here and I will miss the kids, the teachers, and the families.” says Johns. 

Not only is Johns sad to be leaving Nation Ford, but also is devastated to leave his hometown he has known forever, Fort Mill. 

“I am definitely going to miss being a part of such a positive and enthusiastic community, and seeing students at the grocery store, Valero, and 7/11.” he says. With this saddening news though, Mr. Johns is excited to open this next exciting chapter of his life. He knows that he will have new challenges to face and has faith that he will improve the school system. 

“I’m looking forward to all of the new challenges that are going to come my way and that I will be able to affect pre-k all the way to high school students for the better.” says Jason Johns.

Mr. Johns has shown students what it means to be a part of school culture and has expressed his love for our school in many ways and will leave a footprint on Nation Ford forever and Nation Ford students remember, “I love you, your teachers love you, and let’s get after it.” Mr. Johns says.

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