Fuel for Fire: The most dangerous thing in your house may surprise you

Maddox Oxendine

The washer and dryer can be some of the most dangerous household appliances. 

More than 81% of the population has a washing machine or dryer in their household, and more than 15,000 house fires a year are caused by washers and dryers. Luckily, they are easy to prevent. 

Every dryer has a lint filter, which catches lint and fibers from your clothes. Not cleaning filters leads to a build up of lint, which prevents heat from entering the dryer. Heat not being able to get through the lint causes your dryer to run longer. This can lead to fibers in the filter catching on fire and possibly injuring someone.

The only necessary steps to clean your lint filter is to vacuum it, wash it, then vacuum it one more time. These preventive measures could save your life. 

As long as the filters are cleaned once a month and you call a professional to come check on it once a year,  dryers are completely safe appliances.

There is much controversy about whether dryer sheets are dangerous or not. Dryer sheets do not cause any direct problems to dryers, but they can cause problems to a person’s health; several articles and studies have claimed that dryer sheets can cause irritation to the eyes and airways, allergic skin reactions, migraine attacks, and asthma attacks. Other researchers say that dryer sheets cause no issues and do not affect your health.

Most washing machine fires are caused by faulty wiring and bad insulation. To prevent this, a professional should be called to come and investigate your washer and dryer.  This should be done once a year not only for the wiring but to make sure the washing machine doesn’t have any future problems as well.

The best way to prevent a washing machine or dryer fire is to simply install a smoke alarm. The alarm should always have charged batteries. Outlets near the machines should not be overloaded with non-essential plugs. Also, make sure to turn off the washing machine when you leave home — this way, when a problem occurs, there will be immediate attention. 

Although machines can be repaired at home, it’s better off to buy a more reliable machine in the first place so that not as much money is needed to fix them in the long run.

 Samsung is regarded as one of the best washing machine brands. This brand is the most popular among owners and said to be the most durable as it has been reported to last up to fifteen years without issues. Consumers have also stated that their favorite brands for dryers are Speedqueen, LG, and Whirlpool. These brands are consumer favorites but are also said to be some of the most durable as well. LG and Whirlpool have even been recorded to last up to thirteen years. 

Investing in quality washer and dryer machines, as well as taking proper care of them, will make homes a lot safer.

Maddox Oxendine

Maddox Oxendine

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